What is a real log home company

Published 2461 days ago on 2/27/08 at 2:30 PM
Beware of the so call "Log Home company."  Just because someone says it is a log home company and has a slick website doesn't really mean that it is a log home company.

In the simplest terms, to be a real log home company you need to answer the following questions: 
1) Does a company mill its own logs or does it buy them from someone else?
2) Does the company specialize in just one type of wood or does it ... (read more)

So what should I do before my logs arrive?

Published 2630 days ago on 9/11/07 at 12:48 PM
1. When it comes to building materials other than my log package, is it better for my log home builder to order the building materials months in advance or wait till my logs arrive?

Builders typically have several suppliers with whom they work regularly.  They have a good idea of the lead times required to get materials to your home site, and they will take this into consideration when scheduling deliveries.  Let your builder decide when to order supplies and ... (read more)

Why no pricing with the models?

Published 2690 days ago on 7/13/07 at 3:03 PM
Why is there no pricing listed on our web site?  A great question with an easy answer.  Here at BK Cypress Log Homes we customize each log home package to your individual design and the specifications you and your builder decide on.  An example might help explain things a little better; as the customer you can decide what type of roof system you want in your home, and you can choose from the following:
1) Exposed or heavy timber roof with ... (read more)

Design ideas

Published 2712 days ago on 6/21/07 at 4:04 PM
Here is a simple way to know if you are working with a design firm or someone just drafting home plans.

A design firm is going to ask about wall coverings, floor coverings, how you are going to use the different rooms in your home.  Design firms are going to ask you about natural light for the bathrooms, or wherever a woman is going to be putting on make up.  Design firms are going to ask about charging stations for cell phones or computers.  Design ... (read more)

6", 8", or 12" logs -- the real story

Published 2726 days ago on 6/7/07 at 11:30 AM
Which size log do you need ? In the Southeast a log with a width of six inches is all that you need.  In a very cold climate, with a lot more snow and cold weather a thicker log makes sense so I would suggest you go with a log with an 8 inch width.  Remember, the wider the log, the more the log will cost. 

It's all about the design

Published 2740 days ago on 5/24/07 at 8:21 AM
So you have decided to build your dream home.  Here are a few truths about building your dream log home.
1) It is more expensive to build a log home than a conventional home.  True -- about $20 per square foot.
2) The design of your home has the biggest impact on your overall build out cost.  Absolutely!
3) The type of logs that you choose to build your home with does matter.  Of course this is true, and red cypress and western ... (read more)